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Why to Run a Business in Sweden?
Peace , Prosperity, Security,  Stable economy, Government facilities and very encouraging atmosphere based on equality regardless  of your gender, ethnicity, beliefs, and either you are a big or a small investor, you will be treated equally with the same respect, and facilities. All those  strong business-pulling effects ensure a healthy environment for your business to grow and attract anyone worldwide to run a business in Sweden.
Sweden has been officially neutral and at peace for the entire 20th century, which goes some way to explaining its prosperity and security today. Running a business in With a stable economy that is strongly oriented towards foreign trade, it is a natural choice for international investors seeking new territorial markets. Sweden is also firmly committed to the welfare state and the high tax rates that are needed to fund it, so it is essential to take professional advice on tax planning and related issues. Please contact us today for further details.
Do you wish to relocate to Sweden ?
- Of course you can still run your business from outside Sweden, but If you like to come and enjoy living in Sweden while running your business, you can do that. Sweden is a great democratic advanced clean safe country to choose to migrate and live in , provided that you meet the requirements by the migration authority in Sweden.
- After registering your business, you can apply at the nearest Swedish embassy in your country, and get a TEMPORARY residence permit for one year at a time. You family can accompany you ( spouse and children under 18 years old). All of them get a residence permit similarly as yours.
- After coming to Sweden, and running your business successfully ( in the meaning that you business would be profitable enough for you to live on, yourself and your family if they would be living with you in Sweden), then you can apply for a PERMANENT residence permit in Sweden after 24 months starting from the first day you started running your business in Sweden.
- You and your family will all enjoy free education (schools for your children) and health care while you live in Sweden.