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Requirements and papers
needed to start and run a business in Sweden
Registering your company in Sweden?
There are general requirements, as well as special requirements, and hence the papers needed to start and run your business in Sweden. such requirements vary depending on the type of company you are going to start, sole proprietor or partnership? limited or unlimited liability? a branch or a representative office? will you run your business from abroad, or you like to relocate to Sweden to live and run your business at the same time? we advice you to contact us today, and we will help you.
 In the first phase you need to register your company in Sweden. So you may either chose to come to Sweden to start your business yourself, or you may have an agent or an accounting company to help you doing everything while you are in your country. We will be glad to help you in either ways you choose.

If you are from outside the EU/ EEA you must first register your company in Sweden then apply for a residence permit if you want to live in Sweden and run your business at the same time. So You must provide a detailed accounting of your business plans, by appending the following to your application:

·         Business plan

·         Market study

·         Contracts with customers/suppliers

·         Contract for business premises

·         Business permits (if required)

·         Investment budget, liquidity budget and profit/loss budget

·         Budgeted balance sheet.

The application form must be filled out carefully and completely.

The following must also be appended to your application:

·         Passport copies

·         Permits (if applicable) for temporary/permanent residence in a country other than your country of origin.

·         Receipt for payment of application fee if you are extending your permit.

If every thing is ok and complete, you get your residence permit in Sweden for one year at a time. You can relocate to Sweden with your family ( spouse and children under 18) if you want. If your business went OK according to the migration requirement, you (and your family) can apply for a permanent residence permit in Sweden after 24 months from the date you started your business.