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How can TranService Help you
Start and run a business in Sweden?
You can select one of our services OR get our A-Z following Package

1- Consulting and helping you decide what the best type of business that suits you and how it could be working here in Sweden. Our opinion is based on both up-to-date market research in addition to our long experience, and business network in Sweden.

2- Offering adequate information about forms of companies and taxation rules depending on the area you would register your company in. Also info about the ratio of taxes ( that differ to your income – it is not fixed ratio). Info about VAT (Value Added Taxes) that differ according from products to services, and from a product to another,  and according to your customers if they are inside or outside the EU (European Union).
3- Helping you find the right business partner, if you like to go into a partnership business/company in Sweden. If you already know some company or person in Sweden you  want to go in a partnership with, we can get you the accurate information about their business size and financial status, and check on their credit history, so you  feel safe  before you start making a business with them.

4- Offering adequate information about today’s migration laws and rules that you should be aware of and follow carefully when you want to get a residence permit in Sweden based on business status. 

5- Helping you filling out all the application forms of registration, and tax authority, and offering any translation when needed.

6-Helping and offering the following very important package of accounting papers that is the most important part of paper work; we are a specialist in that:

·         Business plan

·         Market study

·         Contracts with customers/suppliers

·         Contract for business premises

·         Business permits (if required)

·         Investment budget, liquidity budget and profit/loss budget

·         Budgeted balance sheet.

7- Offering you adequate information about real estate if you need a place for your office, or so. Or how you can do without a separate office and manage your company from your home instead of an office – (it is allowed in certain cases).

8- Offering valuable information and contacts, if needed, about shipping companies, methods, and customs rules in Sweden.

9- Offering information about business money transactions, different bank accounts, in different currencies, credit, Swedish bank loans that differ from a bank to another.

10- Offering you, upon your request, an advertising campaign that suits your budget if and when you need (your business website + printing ads, brochures, business cards, invoice booklets, etc.)
11- we can offer you, on your request a language localization for your business products or services that you are offering in the Swedish market.
12- offering market surveys to help you target your customers in Sweden. the places that you should most direct your advertisement and offer your services to.
13-  We can offer unlimited and at-any-time consultation, and business problem solving  during  an entire year to your business , for a monthly reasonable fee.
14- First consultation is free. So don't feel hesitant to contact us today, and we will be glad to help you explain anything or get you a tailored solution that best suits you. 
"We succeed When Our Clients Succeed" !