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As an international student in Sweden,
why to start a business?

1- Encouraging Business Environment: As an International Student lives in Sweden, you may have already got a better idea about the general environment and encouraging atmosphere in Sweden to live, study, and to make a business of course.

2- Don't wait for a job .. Create it ! Have you been trying or fighting for a job? We know that job hunting in Sweden, esp., when you don't have adequate years of experience or good command of Swedish language, may be not an easy task. If so, why not to create your own job? If you thought about the time, effort, energy, and may be money also that you have put in searching for a  long-awaited job that hasn't been hunted yet, and what could have happened if you directed your time, effort, mind, to start building your own job or rather your own self !

3- No need for Big money to start: Starting a business in Sweden may not need a big capital or restrictions (as long as you have residence permit of course). All you just need is to identify your passion ( what kind of job would you ENJOY if you spent so many hours in it?) Working for some other company may take just some hours of the day, and then you forget about it, but being a self-employed person that may  require more dedicated hours, yes you may have a fixed time to deal with your customers, but away from that you will be always thinking and developing your business, because you and your business would become one entity! so, it is better to know what you like most and we can help you turning it into a real business. There is no more enjoyable than turning your hobbies to be your job as well!

4- Profitable: Business could be profitable more than a regular job salary of course. It just needs good planning plus dedication and always revision and development.

5- Foreign-born enterpreneurs: Being an foreign-born entrepreneur is very welcomed and encouraged in Sweden, as you have much more business network in your home country than others business owners who lack such a cultural background and network connection. Read what the Swedish government says about that ( The Kosmpolit prject), & Swedish Government explanation

6- Your CV: Being a self employed will be added to your CV, in case you want to shift to a regular job in a big company later. You will have the experience of some years under the title of a President or manager of YOUR-NAMED company.

7- Residence Permit: If you start a self-employed company You can do that while you still have your student residence permit or:

You can change to a combined residence (Studying with business), or you can change to a business residence ( that will give you a permanent residence in Sweden after 24 months!). But sure you need to meet the migration requirements of doing a business. We can help you  to know all the criteria and requirements. or you can consult the Swedish Migration office directly. However, we are here to facilitate it for you and save your time.

8- Being Your Own Boss: Being your own boss is beyond measurable enjoyment!