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What type of business may I start ?

The type of business should depend on either your experience or your interest that you enjoy and expect that you could excel in. It would be better also to think of your home land contacts and network. You can also consider deciding if you are going to deal with products, services, or both. If you are experienced in something, you could sell consultancy on it. What you already know it about your homeland business culture, contacts, language there may seem not valuable to you , however, it is very valuable to others who are from other home lands, and to business men in other countries like here in Swede. That’s why international companies spend a lot of money to gain knowledge about the international markets before they start doing business overseas with such countries; you already have a lot of that knowledge that others lack and need. (Read the Swedish government declaration about how foreign-born entrepreneurs in Sweden increase the foreign trade of Sweden).

 If you are professional in playing a musical instrument and that’s your hobby, you could start your company selling some guitar teaching courses for example and you can add some other products like guitar strings and such accessories. What I mean to say that importation and exportation could be a business while selling your simple hobby could still be considered as a business as well. There is something else that may not need much money to start with that is outsourcing or working as a middle man (middle company actually) between businesses (B2B).  There are so many types of business and all is business even so big or so small. A small step could be your first stone in building your big future business.

What form of a company?

Actually there are many forms of companies (You can read more details by clicking here). It depends on if you want to start it alone as a main owner, or do you have a partner or partners. If you have a starting up capital or not; If you are willing to pay for an accountant to keep your records (obligatory in some forms of companies while not in others). Instead of going into all these details we can help you choose the right form that best suits your needs.

What are the Requirements?

- You should have a Swedish civic registration number, 18 years old at least, you have no credit problems. You got 15 ECTS (If you want to start a company and get a combined Student-business residence) or 30 ECTS (if you want to start a company and change to a business residence only). You can prove that you can support yourself during the first year of this business. No required amount of capital to start your company with.

What are Papers needed?

You must provide a detailed accounting of your business plans, by appending the following to your application:

·         Business plan

·         Market study

·         Contracts with customers/suppliers

·         Contract for business premises

·         Business permits (if required)

·         Investment budget, liquidity budget and profit/loss budget

·         Budgeted balance sheet.

The application form must be filled out carefully and completely.

The following must also be appended to your application:

·         Passport copies

·         Permits (if applicable) for temporary/permanent residence in a country other than your country of origin.

·         Receipt for payment of application fee if you are extending your permit.