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As an International Student,
How Can we help you start and run a business?

You can select one of our services OR get our A-Z following Package

1- Consulting and helping you decide what is the best type of business that suits you and the working environment in Sweden. Our opinion is based on both up-to-date market research in addition to our years of experience and business networks in Sweden.

2- Offering information about forms of companies and taxation rules depending on the area which you register your company in. Also info about the ratio of taxes ( that differ to your income – it is not a fixed ratio). Information about VAT (Value Added Taxes) that differ accordingly from products to services, and from one product to another,  and according to your customers if they are inside or outside the EU (European Union).

3- Offering adequate information about today’s migration laws and rules that you should be aware of and follow carefully when you want to change residence.

4- Helping you filling out all the application forms of registration, and tax authority, and offering any translation when needed.

5-Helping/offering the following very important package of accounting papers that is the most important part of paper work; we are a specialist in that:

·         Business plan

·         Market study

·         Contracts with customers/suppliers

·         Contract for business premises

·         Business permits (if required)

·         Investment budget, liquidity budget and profit/loss budget

·         Budgeted balance sheet.

6- Offering you adequate information about real estate if you need a place for your office, or so. Or how you can do without a separate office and manage your company from your home instead of an office – (it is allowed in certain cases).

7- Offering valuable information and contacts, if needed, about shipping companies, methods, and customs rules in Sweden.

8- Offering information about business money transactions, different bank accounts, in different currencies, credit, Swedish bank loans that differ from one bank to another.

9- Offering you, upon your request, an advertising campaign that suits your budget if and when you need (your business website + printing ads, brochures, business cards, invoice booklets, etc.)
"We succeed When Our Clients Succeed" !