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About TranService:
    • Company Name: TranService
    • Place of Registration: Stockholm, Sweden.
    • Activity: Education, Business and Migration-related Consultation and Services.
    • Owner: John Hanna.

TranService is a Swedish company with an international focus. TranService includes clients throughout Europe and the Middle East for education, business and migration-related consultation and services in addition to language training, and translation.

At TranService, we help people like you transform their lives through education, business, and a combination. Education leads to business and business that is based on tailored-approach training and education. Good education means good business.
We serve students and entrepreneurs of all ages.  We are your partner in education and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Through a personalized approach to learning, we are opening doors to educational opportunities and inspiring people to strive for their goals. We build future one success story at a time.


Our core values are the framework for what we deliver to our customers each day.

  • Integrity: We hold ourselves responsible for the highest ethical standards.
  • Learning: We offer experts and resources to help you succeed.
  • Support: We provide the tools and encouragement you need to achieve your best.
  • Opportunity: We search through endless possibilities to find the best solution for your educational needs.
  • Results: We are committed to helping you achieve your goals – we succeed when you succeed.
Motto: “Education creates prospects – multilingualism opens new horizons”
Slogan: " Our Success is Built on Our Clients' Success"

Mission Statement:

The mission of TranService is to provide a venue to people who seek help in establishing themselves into global markets.  We provide direction for education and entrepreneurship that establishes our customers with the skills they need to succeed.  We are the light to guide their path in the darkness of globalization.

Company Goals and Objectives:

We desire to create a healthy, successful company that is a leader in the Swedish education market for customer service and that has a loyal customer following. One major objective is to create a synergy between foreign embassy staff in Sweden that will allow immigrants to become integrated into the Swedish culture quickly and efficiently.  The result will be less time for immigrants to become integrated, which in turn reduces government costs associated with immigration. Second, is to open opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs who currently reside in their home countries to start up their small and medium enterprises (SME) in the Swedish market.

Company goals for TranService are to help clients with their career goals by guiding them in choosing and establish themselves in the most appropriate academic or entrepreneurial venture.   TranService can turn difficult economic times into an opportunity to find their career niche or develop their talents.  Turning hard situations around and improving the lives of workers and their families is the motivational goal of TranService. 

Business Philosophy:

We succeed when our clients succeed.  It is a core belief at TranService that our success is built on our clients’ success.  Therefore we strive to support our clients long after the initial set-up process.  In fact, we hope to build permanent professional relationship with each client. At TranService, we believe that the most believable method of advertising has always been positive recommendations from past clients.  

The focal market of TranService is professional clients in their 30’s who are interested in pursuing further professional education for career advancement or starting a business to pursue a lifelong career dream.

The educational and entrepreneurial consulting industry is definitely a growth industry when approached with the combined perspectives of academic or entrepreneurial consulting.  In current economic times people worldwide are seeking new opportunities for career development as well as economic survival. With so many workers laid off from large companies recently there are skilled professional people searching for a new competitive edge.  The need for academic and entrepreneurial educational consulting is very strong in the short term and according most mainstream economic reports, will continue in the long term as the worldwide economy should eventually make a gradual recovery. If the economy makes a full recovery in the long term, then TranService will lower the age of the focus market to work with clients in their mid-twenties beginning a first time career.  As long as people trying to earn their living, there is a place for TranService to help guide them in choosing and establishing the best career paths to meet their needs.

TranService is prepared to take advantage of this opportunity by following market trends closely, being current on regulations and requirements and by establishing worldwide contacts within universities and private industries to help clients establish themselves in their chosen field. 

TranService is an Education expert company that is currently offering educational, business and migration-related consultation and services.  These services are in Sweden targeting students, graduates and post graduates from all over the world with a special attention to applicants from Egypt who want to resume their studies (BA, Masters, and PhDs) in Sweden’s University system, or/and start their businesses in Sweden.

TranService customers will be guided into the education and entrepreneurship opportunities within the Swedish culture and government system.  In addition, they will receive assistance in completing all required paperwork as a total service package.  This reduces the stress that an immigrant already faces in a new culture with the need to become integrated into a new society.  That stress is already at an elevated level.  Our service takes some stress from off our customer’s shoulders.

This reduced stress environment also allows the immigrant to learn quicker.  Then they can become an effective citizen faster through education or business creation.  Our service then also benefits the Swedish government as well as our direct customers.